Some brief examples of projects we have undertaken, either directly, or with our specialist services being engaged via another Cisco Partner.


Private School

Deployed two VMware Cisco ISE appliances across a HP LAN and Cisco Wireless LAN, integrated with Active Directory and FirePower via pxGrid.  ISE provides a secure Access Layer across both the LAN (802.1X, Device Profiling and MAC Auth) and Wireless LAN (WPA2-AES with PEAP).


Mid-sized Corporate

Another Cisco Partner had deployed a Cisco Wireless LAN, ISE & Prime Infrastructure solution across the customer’s estate, but it had never worked particularly well – Clients regularly report poor performance and unwanted disconnections from the network.  The entire estate was audited – Cisco components, Client devices, Domain Policy, the LAN and Firewalls – and recommendations for various improvements were made.  Improvements were implemented in stages over a number of change windows and the network is now performing very well.


Large University

Deployed two Cisco ISE appliances on VMware to provide Wireless Guest Access services to Users from any of the University’s campus locations.  Users request access through a webpage and staff approve or deny access requests using an e-mail based system.


A regional NHS service

Deployed five Cisco ISE appliances across a mix of VMware, HyperV and Azure, integrated with two separate Active Directory environments and across a geographically diverse Cisco LAN, WLAN & VPN.  The LAN and Wireless LAN are protected through 802.1X, MAC Authentication, Device Profiling and/or Posture Assessment using the AnyConnect Agent.  Different VPN services, both on Cisco ASA, are secured using soft and hard tokens with ISE integrated with upstream RADIUS Token Servers.


Multinational Meraki Deployment

A company with a number of offices all over the world undertook an IT upgrade from a variety of disparate systems, to a Meraki LAN and WLAN.  Working remotely, alongside the company’s in-house IT and their third-party on-site resources, a new Meraki LAN and Wireless LAN was successfully deployed to every office and Users were successfully migrated to the new Wireless Network with minimal disruption.


Another Large University

Customer had an existing Cisco Wireless LAN estate with a range of Access Points and Wireless LAN Controllers, and was experiencing poor performance.  The estate was audited, physically and from a configuration perspective, and recommendations were made based on observations made.  Remedial activities were undertaken, including software upgrades and configuration changes, and perception of the network has improved significantly.