Cisco 4800 Access Point

The latest Access Point from Cisco was announced this week, the Cisco 4800.


The 4800 provides the same Flexible Radio configuration (2.4+5GHz or dual-5GHz) 802.11AC WiFi capabilities as the 2800/3800 Access Points, but it now includes a third radio which provides native support for analytics, hyperlocation & improved BLE capabilities without the need for any additional modules, making it ideal for customers who want to provide location analytics services.

The 4800 needs v8.7 software so anybody on a 5508 WLC (or equivalent generation) will need to upgrade their WLC hardware to a current generation WLC (like a 5520) before they can use this Access Point.  v8.7 doesn’t support some older Access Point models so if you have a mixed estate, ensure all of your AP & WLC hardware is supported accordingly.  The 4800 also needs 802.3at PoE (30Watts) to work on a single 1Gbps interface, or UPOE (32W) for mGig functionality.

I love new hardware as much as the next technophile, but if I’m honest, this AP isn’t anything new.  It’s a few existing, disparate features all in one box.  For 99% of organisations who just want a reliable WiFi service to provide Voice & Data connectivity for Users in a Corporate environment, I’d stick with the 2800…  it’s cheaper, proven to be reliable, and has fewer backwards-compatibility considerations.

Video Overview by Cisco;



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